SEEE has a unique consultancy support offer. As a leading infrastructure organisation in the social enterprise sector, we have access to resources and information that add value to our consultancy services. 

We can put together a team of specialists who can help your individual social enterprise.  Our team includes:

  • SEEE member organisations
  • Known consultants with experience in the social enterprise sector
  • Social enterprises willing to offer peer to peer support based on their experience

We are:

A membership organisation with direct access to a wide range of social enterprises

A partner to Social Enterprise UK and other national agencies

Experienced in supporting and developing social enterprises

Recognised as an independent brokerage/signposting organisation

Specific areas where we have supported social enterprises include:

  • Measuring impact, using a range of tools and approaches
  • Public sector commissioning and procurement – download our guide
  • Planning for growth
  • Promoting social investment finance and how to access it

SEEE’s consultancy offer to support organisations and policy makers:

Our links with Social Enterprise UK and other key infrastructure organisations means we have access to the latest research and policy development relating to social enterprises and the markets in which they operate.  We can advise on effective ways of developing social enterprises in your area, including:

Our regular team includes:

  • Leaders from large social enterprises, particularly in health and social care
  • Academics with long-term involvement in social enterprise
  • Project managers and network facilitators
  • Experts in business planning and growth