Social Enterprise East of England (SEEE) and Social Enterprise UK (SEUK) have formed a partnership so that SEUK members also benefits from SEEE’s services.

We offer many different streams of support which you can find out more information about below.

Starting A Social Enterprise

Social enterprise comes in all sizes, from small community cafes to really big international organisations. Find out how to start your own.

Has Your Idea Got Legs?

Identifying ideas is the easy bit. The question is – are they right for you and your organisation?

Social Stories

Read impactful stories from successful Social Enterprises in the East.


SEEE has a unique consultancy support offer. As a leading infrastructure organisation in the social enterprise sector, we have access to resources and information that add value to our consultancy services.


Social Enterprise East of England (SEEE) work with external training providers to offer Social Enterprises the highest quality training for our members.


Visit the SEUK website for more.

Archive of Resources

Find helpful resources from back issues of our InTouch magazine to technical documents.

Social Enterprise Mark

Social Enterprise Mark CIC is the only international social enterprise accreditation authority to operate as a social enterprise.