Here you will find videos and resources from webinars we have run in the past.

Back to School! Learning from successful Social Ventures

As some kind of normality returned this September, Belinda Bell of Cambridge Social Ventures discussed some examples of social ventures which have successfully adapted during the last few months and how they made those choices. Belinda also discussed how sticking to your mission is important right now, whatever your sector.

Belinda also shared her powerpoint slides as shown in the webinar. Download the webinar slides here.

Brand Impact for Social Impact

Ian Henderson from Ian Henderson Branding and Design led a workshop on how to analyse your brand and discussed good examples we can all learn from:

Reviewing and Resetting for Business Growth

Neil Shearer from CB1 Associates led this workshop helping social enterprises analyse their current position with a range of tools and covered key advice for making the most of your business strengths and new technologies.

Neil also provided slides as used in the presentation