What We Do


SEEE has a unique consultancy support offer. As a leading infrastructure organisation in the social enterprise sector, we have access to resources and information that add value to our consultancy services.  We are:

A membership organisation with direct access to a wide range of social enterprises

A partner to Social Enterprise UK and other national agencies

Experienced in supporting and developing social enterprises

Recognised as an independent brokerage/signposting organisation

Buy Social

Buy Social is SEUK’s flagship campaign that aims to build markets for social enterprises among the general public as well as the private and public sectors. It challenges all of us to think about where we buy our goods and services from, and the social impact of our purchasing decisions.

Social Enterprise Place

Cambridgeshire has a diverse range of social enterprises, ranging from well-established social enterprises, to start up social enterprise.  Cambridgeshire has a history of innovation and this is demonstrated in the range of markets and social issues these enterprises address.   A recent survey showed that social enterprises are working to address a range of social issues such as financial exclusion, homelessness, recycling, unemployment and disabilities.