Social Impact Measurement Toolbox

Tell your story, demonstrate your mission, evidence your impact

Are you preparing to measure your social impact?

Have you made a start of measuring your outcomes but need some help?

How are you making an impact? Are you reaching out to people? Changing lives? Making a difference? Now is the time to capture all of this and demonstrate your success.

The Social Impact Measurement Toolbox from SEEE is open to all – whatever stage of the impact measurement journey you’re on.

  • Demystify social impact measurement!
  • A practical tool for you and your team – work on it together
  • Benchmark your impact – prove it and improve it
  • Tell your own stories and be in control of your own narrative

The Social Impact Measurement Toolbox is an interactive online tool that you and your team can complete together at a pace that suits you.

Features include:

  • Activities to help you analyse what you already you know and where the gaps are
  • Simple process to guide you as you measure your impact and develop it further
  • This is a different type of measurement – the building blocks to develop good processes and new habits…that is achievable!

What you will get from using our Toolbox:

  • Make telling your story easier – take charge of your communications
  • Streamline your funding applications
  • Open the door to more funding opportunities thanks to your new knowledge
  • Position yourselves in your marketplace thanks to the evidence you can show

Find out more:

Not sure yet? Want to read more about the Toolbox from SEEE? Well we have a podcast recording describing how it works or you can watch a webinar all about it, from the founder and SEE Board member Nicky Stevenson.

How to Purchase:

Our Social Impact Measurement Toolbox is designed to be used as a stand-alone package that you use without additional support.

SEEE’s Social Impact Measurement Toolbox is a one-off price of £180. This allows license to use the Toolbox for up to five people within your organisation. Click the link below to purchase.

  • Up to 5 group members
  • Full access to the SIM Toolbox
  • One-off payment
  • Access to group and file upload features

Support Packages

If you would like some additional support to help you get started with using the Toolbox, or as you work through it, we offer an inclusive package when you buy the Toolbox. We also provide bespoke impact measurement support, download our Toolbox options menu below to find out more about the options available to support you and your business: