From Tuesday 4th June, tickets will be available online for the national GivingLottery. Players will have the chance to scoop a £25,000 jackpot whilst helping schools, charities and community groups all across the UK. 

The first draw takes place on Saturday 6th July, with 60p from every £1 ticket going to charities and good causes. 40p goes to the cause selected by the player and the remaining 20p will be distributed to TheGivingMachine charity to help support all good causes across the UK. 

The GivingLottery is free for good causes to register and benefit so the GivingLottery is encouraging as many causes as possible to sign up. 

John Quinn of The Songwriting Charity andDirector of Engagementsaid: “We were keen to join the GivingLottery not only for the benefits it can bring to us as a charity and our work, but also for our supporters to have a bit of fun too.”

David Axtell, of CdLS Foundation UK & Ireland, said: “For many good causes, new and regular income streams make a huge difference, especially if there’s something in it for supporters too. We’d encourage other good causes to consider signing up too.” 

Players have a 50 to one chance of winning one of the prizes, which range from the £25,000 jackpot to three extra tickets.

Richard Morris, CEO of TheGivingMachine which have launched the lottery said: “The GivingLottery is another innovative way our charity can help schools, charities and community groups across the UK benefit in times of reduced funding elsewhere. 

“We are encouraging UK causes to register as a beneficiary of the GivingLottery and promote it to their supporters.  We will, of course, be promoting the lottery to our existing user base too. The society lottery concept is an idea other communities are exploring and has been successfully launched by several large organisations already.

We’ve selected a proven external lottery management company to manage the prize funds and platform administration for us; they have been great in helping us launch quickly.”

Gatherwell, the lottery management company appointed to run the lottery scheme, have previously launched similar lotteries with the Vegetarian Society, Western Isle Community Society and Fire Brigades Union.

Ben Speare, Gatherwell’s managing director, said: “We are delighted that Gatherwell has been awarded the opportunity to run the new GivingLottery. We’re looking forward to helping support many causes in partnership with the organisation.” 

TheGivingMachine is an award winning UK charity enabling companies, customers and communities to thrive together. Shop&Give, their flagship service, unlocks hidden online sales commissions to become free donations for schools, charities and other community organisations, giving them a recurring income stream. So far they have generated £1.6 million for over 7,500 causes and it has not cost anyone, a penny extra.

To buy your tickets or register your cause for the GivingLottery as a good cause visit

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