Ian Henderson Branding & Design is offering an online version of a Brand Development day. The session lasts approx 3 hours and will help you develop/realign a targeted brand & mission statement. Open to all SEEE Members but also offered for just £100 for non members. Ian explains more below:

If you want to gain more clients, increase footfall and increase your profit you need to first understand what makes your brand unique and how you can meet your customers needs and pain points. This unique online branding workshop will show you how.

Whether you’re a new start up business that is looking to define their unique identity or a long established company that needs to overhaul their image, participating in our branding workshop will allow you to redefine your business objectives and position yourself towards success. By defining your brand’s story and unique selling points we can help you develop a powerful marketing strategy that can fast track decision making.

Brand workshops are an invaluable tool for helping people re-energise their company at any stage of your journey. This can apply if you are a new venture or an existing established business that has either seen sales plateau or are dealing with new challenges. We recommend a brand exploration every four years to keep the sales coming in.

Our brand workshop could be the key to identifying what steps need to be taken to create a new identity which better reflects your unique vision and essentially core values.

Find out more at: ihbranding.com/online-branding

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