www.GivingLottery.org.uk wants to help as many social enterprises, charities, schools and community groups replace lost income by developing recurring income while having a bit of fun.  The GivingLottery was launched under a year ago and it has grown to be generating over £30,000 a year for good causes and just keeps growing.

Just sign up, get your own page and promote to supporters, friends and family.  Players can play for 1 month but almost all play on a recurring basis.  Draws occur weekly and prizes range from £25,000 to £250 as well as many extra ticket prizes.  As this has been setup by TheGivingMachine charity and we hold the required licence, there are no up front fees, no additional licence registration or reporting requirements  for causes signing up.

Only 10 typical players who subscribe to support a cause for £2 a week, that generates a recurring monthly income of over £34 with the remainder being used for prizes funds, platform costs and administration .  It doesn’t take many players to start generating meaningful regular income and with a draw every week, there are plenty of opportunities to have winners and celebrate that on social media.

Find out more: https://www.givinglottery.org.uk/good-causes

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