Welcome from Deb Lee, Managing Director, SEEE

As I’m writing this the temperature is about to tip into the 30s again; but it’s getting hot out there in more ways than one!

The obvious global warming is just one crisis we are dealing with right now, its not right that BP have record profits as people struggle to pay their bills. Both really highlight the need for a better and fairer way of doing business…

SEEE believes social enterprise is one of the best ways to effect positive economic, social, and environmental change; it’s a way to shape our world for the better for the benefit of the whole of the community.

We’ve recently refreshed our mission; simply put, our job is to help you thrive. We’ll be shortly reaching out to ask how you think we can best achieve that for you, but from what we know already it’s clear that strength can be built in the sector by working together to find local cooperative solutions to issues like health and wellbeing, environmental sustainability, and good food for everyone.

These themes are our current priorities and so one string of our work right now is supporting local networks, or clusters if you like, to increase their impact together. Are you part of a local network? If so, it’d be great to hear your story so we can inspire others or learn from what works well and what doesn’t – we’d love to hear from you. Join me at our informal drop in on zoom at 11am on 6th September. Full details and Zoom link here.

In the meantime, thank you for everything you are working towards right now to help our world and your community.

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